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Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works

Yes!  It is safe and it is still inexpensive, and in some instances it may be even more inexpensive as the worldwide dental offices have become more competitive for your business.  All offices past strict COVID-19 precautions so it is safe yes, plus you can inquire with them directly.  Dental Clinics are still operating and people require dental care.

Yes!  The dental work is guaranteed by warranty and if you have any problems you can always return and they will solve any problem, although the goal is not to have any problems!  Again you can inquire with them during your pre-consultation.

The treatment plan costs will be competitive with the other dental offices in the area, although there is always some variation in the costs due to supplies and dentist availability.  Notice, to reserve the dentist time and schedule if you are given a treatment plan and quote you will be expected to deposit 50% of the cost and the remainder upon completion.  In some areas of the world you might even find a savings of 80percent over USA and Canada prices.  We can provide you a free quote also from participating dental clinics!

Yes!  If you need pickup we can help with this and coordination with the dental office just ask.  If you have a rental car we will provide you with directions of course to the specific dental office!  We can also provide basic GPS navigation help as well via a android app that can serve as a form of travel insurance as well.

Fill out the Dental Tourist questionnaire and we will start to provide bilingual support to you with a initial phone call or email.  Or you may call our number listed as well if we dont answer we will be sure to get back to you soon!  You can also join the site here:  Dental Vacation

We are primarily focusing on the Mexico/Costa Rica area as this requires bi-lingual support in which we can help you with. We are taking interest also with Dental Clinics in India, Montenegro, Serbia, Phillipines, Egypt and Brazil.   If you are interested in a different country ask for more specifics as well!

We will set up a free consult via basic video conferencing i.e. zoom, skype, facetime, etc. directly with the dental clinic in your country of interest as we think this will help in your decision making.  If you have any question the you can ask them directly of course.  With video conferencing technology you can see for yourself!  The common language offered will be English and/or Spanish.  We are unable to provide unlimited video conferencing but if you have a serious interest in one area we can accomodate with this all for no up-front cost and no credit card required :).  We can also be creative if you have another travel partner and we can coordinate a 3 way conversation with a participating dental clinic.

Yes and no-but you decide and remember the discomfort from the dental procedures dont last forever and you need to bring a travel partner so its definitely a vacation to the person not getting dental treatments!  Many people have a created a memorable travel experience and a small dental holiday by traveling for lower prices.

With the airline industry in shambles there are still planes ready to go we can help with identifying air charter operations that may be able to provide unique transportation solutions to the dental destinations and even arrange for groups of people who are traveling for the same reason.

With our small but growing network of Budget Dental offices we are in a position to arrange dental care-if you have a extenuating dental emergency we may be able to help arrange a low-cost visit in one of our areas-however, you will need to travel and of course we can help with that:)!  The donations page can be also set up to provide a QR code to the reason why you are having a Dental Emergency or if you are on a crowd-funding website.  We are also accepting anonymous donations from people who wish to  help with dental expenses for those in financial emergencies via our platform, sort of like a crowdfunding platform.   All funds will be administered with professional responsibility of course!

A free Quote is a official quote from a dental clinic for the estimated price for your dental treatments required or requested.

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