Frequently Asked Questions-Dental Vacation

  • What does Dental Vacation Help Me With?  How does it work?

Dental Vacation is a general resource focusing on helping you obtain quality dental work at great prices focusing on great Dental Vacation Spots.  When you sign up for the site you will have access to a internal chat feature that will connect you directly to the verified clinic in the location you request! Dental Chat  Dental Vacation also has people to help translate and assist with other needs such as escort or wheelchair.  Dental Vacation can and will assist you in making appointments with the offices listed as well as scheduling appointment times and direct inquiry calls with the participating offices/dentists.  If you need any additional trip advice or recommendation stop in and we can see what we can do for you including setting up lodging and/or car rentals or other trip details.

  • What about Air Charter options?

Dental Vacation can explore air charter options for a group of people who sign up via the website from a geographic area, such as Canada or USA.  Air Charter Options offer more convenience and can potentially be inexpensive if the charter plane is full.   We can explore charter options for you and from your location; however you need to sign up to the site and give us your details!

  • Are these  Dentists as gentle as American Dentists?

Yes!  These Professional Dentists are trained and are perfectly capable!

  • Does the information change?

Yes, as in any industry, dental offices move, merge, close, open, and acquire more dentists therefore, although the information is deemed very accurate and verified it is impossible to keep track of everything exactly.

  • What can I expect?

You can expect a welcome and a quality exam as well as in-depth consultation about your dental needs.  A Dental Exam is the first item in order and will help provide you insight into your current dental needs. The dentists have advised Dental Vacation the process is: examination, diagnosis, estimate, and work.

  • When can I make a appointment?

Dentist offices are usually open and available for dental appointments Monday-Saturday.

  • Does my US Dental insurance cover work done by these Dentists?

Contact your insurance provider directly to answer this question; as things change in some cases you can redeem a verification of work provided and insurance will make a reimbursement.  Most Dentists will complete paperwork for work being done; however, the dental tourist must have the funds to start and pay for the entire work to be completed.

  • Do I have to make a appointment?

Although appointments are preferred, if you need urgent care Dental Vacation can help you be seen via walk-in process.  Usually the dental make appointments between 9-4pm.  Some dentists require a 5-day lead time in order to allow for appointment scheduling.

  • Why Mexico? Why Costa Rica?

Why Not?  Dentists at these locations provide quality service with long history of affordable dental care to many people.  Dentists are well-trained and perfectly capable of providing standardized dental care.  For Example, Algodones has approximately 350 Dentists, surely if they could not practice dentistry the area would not have all those dentists to choose from!  They have built state of the art dental facilities and offer the same high caliber universal dental care offered.  If you need help for another location not listed you can insert your information and we will see what we can do with one of our expert Spanish speaking translators.

  • How many visits will I need?

You will need to talk to your provider about this.  For dental tourism purposes it is important to schedule a 8 day holiday in order for the dentist to complete all work on-site such as Puerto Vallarta.  See site reference here:Time Estimate for Services 

  • How do I send information to my dentist listed here?

Email, phone, hand deliver, we can also arrange for cloud services to be used.

  • Can I get a dental exam?  A estimate?

Yes, of course you can get a exam and estimate-talk to your provider specifically.  These are normally offered for “gratis” and can serve as a pre-consultation.  If you have a local consultation these records can often be forwarded to the dentist office as well for more consultation.

  • Are these dentists well trained?

Yes!  Here is a link to one of the dental schools:

  • What if I have a dental emergency?

Talk to your provider-most of them will accept walk-ins however, it never is a problem to tell them you are coming and what the problem is.  Normally the offices close around 4-5pm so if you have a emergency after this time it will need to wait until the next business day.

  • Do these dentists have up to date equipment?

They have the dental equipment to do the work.  Some offices do have more modern equipment than other offices feel free to ask them.  The pictures you see represent the offices you will visit they will and are clean and modern with some exceptions.

  • Do they speak English?

Not everyone speaks English; however, you will be provided with excellent translation to minimize any errors in service delivery. In addition, Dental Vacation has translators to assist you as well with communicating across languages-call us today!  Some dentist speak really good English and they will be able provide you expert help.

  • Why are they cheaper?

Less overhead and additional expenses they must pay, thus they do not have to pass it to the prospective patient.

  • Can I pay the dentist with a check?

Check with your provider.

  • Can I use my credit card?

Check with your provider; however for Dental Vacation Services you can use a credit card.

  • Do I need to fill out paperwork before my visit; however, yes, most often you will need to fill out and sign paperwork in order to start any dental services.

Check with your provider and see sample intake paperwork here:

  • What about after care?  Will I receive help?

Yes, your dental provider will advise you depending on the services completed.

  • What should I bring with me to the visit?

See “What to bring” on this website.Trip Packing List

  • Can I see a picture of the dentist office?  How about a University Degree?

The offices can send you pictures of their offices and dentist credentials-just ask!

  • Can I drive to these offices?

Yes you can technically, Algodones, Baja Mexico is a popular drive-to dental vacation area.  If you wish to drive further into Mexico Contact your office for specific travel information.  If you want we can also connect you to other dental tourists based on the area you are interested in such as Algodones for a “carpool” sign up interest-connection.

  • Is there danger in going to these areas?

Yes and no–You can get in trouble if you go looking for it!  Your dentist provider will provide you excellent service and help you avoid trouble.  Let them provide both escort and language support and you will have no problems!

  • What else can I do in these areas while I am there?

Shopping, tourism, sightseeing.

  • What happens if my porcelain crown breaks or if my dentures do not fit right?

Problems after the dental procedure are rare, but they do happen.  You are recommended to follow up with regular cleaning, maintenance, and care.  Most of your dental work is guaranteed by these dentists for five years, and you can return to the facility free of charge for any needed repairs or adjustments.  Make sure you ask your provider.

  • Do I need a passport or visa to cross the border to Mexico?

Yes and no.  A valid and/or current passport makes traveling more streamlined at the border.  If you do cross have at the minimum have a valid ID and birth certificate for re-entry back into the US.  As for children, have some form of documentation of your valid relationship with them.  If you are non-US citizen then you must have some form of official documentation.  Traveling into Mexico via Algodones often dental tourists/visitors are allowed to travel unrestricted; however, if you want to get back having a passport makes it alot easier and streamlined.  For international Travel involving Aircraft you need a passport to gain entrance!


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