How Can I get a good Breath

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   If you have multiple teeth cavities, pockets in your gums, old bad tooth cap or bridge or even you can not brush well due to teeth crowding, all the previous can be a cause for bad breath. But alsoit can be treated now by teeth filling, gums treatment and teeth cleaning, making a new good tooth cap and orthodontic treatment for teeth crowding. Do not wait good breath and confident smile is now between your hands😊.

Diabetes and oral Health

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Generally diabetic people especially type 1 usually suffer from some dental problems as gum inflammation and frequent teeth cavities .BUT THIS ALL CAN BE CONTROLLED by keeping the blood sugar level normal and regular visits to the dentist (every 3 months is the best) for check up and teeth cleaning .For home regular tooth brushing (after each meal is the best) with smooth tooth brush and rinsing with this recipe (half cup of red tea without sugare+1/4 tea spoon of… Read More »Diabetes and oral Health

Say bye bye to silver filling

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Now your teeth and your smile deserve better look and better materials. For long years we used amalgam filling (silver in color) to fil cavities but now ceramic and composite filling materials are available which give your teeth natural look and save the tooth structure too 😊.

No More Gum Problems

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Red big gums ,,bleeding on brushing or feeling bad taste all are signs for gum inflammation .First to do with gum diseases is to keep on teeth brushing even if there is bleeding in order to seize the problem of your gums and you can consult your dentist to prescribe for you a good tooth past that can help with your inflamedgums. If you still feel a problem with your gums you have now to visityour dentist for treating your… Read More »No More Gum Problems

How Can I get Shiny Smile

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Shiny smile is  now a sign of beauty ,you can get a shiny smile by different ways The first option is teeth whitening ,it is usually done in one session in the dental office ,it gives really good results especially if you have a well aligned teeth .If you are not satisfied with the result or you need a bigger change in your smile,,, now you are seeking for veneers or snap on smile😉.Whatever you want tell your dentist and… Read More »How Can I get Shiny Smile

Baby Teeth Care

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Newly erupted baby teeth need a special way of care by the parents, if you depend on bottle feeding for your baby then try to clean the teeth of your baby after each time of bottle feeding using a small wet cotton to wipe off gently the teeth of your baby .If you have a toddler try to begin learning him/her teeth brushing with a small tooth brush and  a very small amount of a children tooth paste or even… Read More »Baby Teeth Care

Complete Dentures

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A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Two types of dentures are available — complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has begun to heal, a conventional denture is ready for placement in the mouth about eight to 12 weeks after the teeth have been… Read More »Complete Dentures

What is Dental Tourism?

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Dental tourism is a fast-growing field of medical tourism. It, essentially, revolves around people traveling to foreign countries to get lower-cost dental care, often combining it with the the tourist experience of their destination. With the world becoming more connected and the market more competitive, dental tourism is growing 15% annually in Europe. If you are amongst those opting for spending their vacations getting the needed dental care abroad, here’s a couple of things you should know. With dental costs… Read More »What is Dental Tourism?

Zoom Teeth Whitening

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Zoom teeth whitening (also known as Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed) is an in-office treatment that uses 25% hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and yellowing, lightening tooth color up to eight shades. Unlike cosmetic dentistry’s traditional bleaching process, the procedure incorporates a blue light that the manufacturer claims activates the hydrogen peroxide to accelerate the teeth whitening process.  Get your teeth whitened today and combine a quality Dental Vacation to one of these great places now!

Best Country For Dental Tourism

This is a great question many people ask about dental care and best tourism. It can be argued many many different ways; however the most important task would be to receive great dental care and possible see some fantastic sights. Take a careful examination of the several options for your next dental vacation trip today and look at the many different areas that offer great scenery and low dental treatment prices you will be sure to find several locations that… Read More »Best Country For Dental Tourism