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Welcome to your Dental Vacation Destination - Time to Save Big $$$ on Your Next Dental Visit and take a Nice Trip and See new Sights!

Dental Destinations Everywhere and around the world

25 KM from the International Airport plus shuttle service right to your hotel! How much more convenient does it get?

First Class Dental Treatments

Skilled Dentists and Dental Clinics with years of experience at your service. Dentistry has been around for a long time it is getter better and better. Now is the time to experience quality dental care without depleting your savings account.

Air Charter Options

Covid-19 Has Disrupted the Air Travel Industy-Private Air Charter Options May be the Best Solution Now to get to and from your Dental Destination. Depending on interest to a specific area we can help coordinate a specific trip of Dental Tourists! If you have a specific Country Tell us or if you dont care where to go tell us that also!

Be Sure to Say Hi to Caroline! 🙂

“... Saved Money! Who would have known that dental costs are a fraction of costs in the USA and Canada Elsewhere? We always want to visit Montenegro now we have a excuse to go visit!”
Jane aniston
“... The best of both worlds enjoy a vacation while saving money and getting out of the freezing cold? Where do I sign up? Definitely recommended!”
jack donson

Why choose us?

Full Service Planning

A team of Patient Coordinators Ready to Serve you from start to finish! We use web video conferencing technology to assist you in planning!

Excellent Dental Facilities

Top Quality equipment Supreme dental Care plus time away from the work place and the bitter cold!

Family Friendly

Kids welcome to come along enjoy the spectacular beaches and the pristine hikes we have something for everyone!

Treatment Plans
Countries Served

Additional Help and Services


Pickup From Airport

Our patient Coordinator will pick you right up for your visit with our Dental office-We will make sure she brings the car and not the scooter


Local Tours

Visit the Iguanas and Parrots after your visit the dental clinic and say hi to the other new wildlife in the area


Reserved Beach Access

If your wiped out from the dental work lounge in the chair and stop worrying about shoveling the driveway or slipping on the ice!

Come See Us Soon and Lets Start Planning Now!